Challenge The Status Quo

If your currently in school or college, then you probably have noticed that mostly everyone’s presentation really sucks. I have been attending college for at least five years and everyones presentation is basically the same. All everyone does is packed a long list a bullet points with words that fill up their PowerPoint like a novel. I think that everyone feels that this way of presenting is okay because when everyone does something a certain way, it reaches the point where it is perceived as being normal or the standard.

At the same time, who is going to question or distract from a way of doing something that everyone else is doing. I admit, I was guilt of the same old strategy because I too thought it was the standard until I later realize that it wasn’t. When I first watched a presentation given on stage by Steve Jobs, whether he was revealing the new iPhone or new iPad, it was entertaining and engaging.

If you pay attention to his slide presentation, he focused more on the visual side, which means that he didn’t have any bullet points or text on this slides and if he did the bullet points were only like 3 words long. Every slide had a picture to paint the imagery in the audience heads. In college, students would just ramble on about their presentation and leaving it up to the audience to understand what they are really talking about. Most likely the end result, would be dry and boring.

After watching an Apple presentation, I always wondered why doesn’t anyone present in this fashion. To put my theory or opinion to the test in  a classroom environment, I actually put it to the test and I design a Power Point presentation for my team and it had no bullet points, but only pictures. The pictures I used were images that I felt were dramatic and the effect of grabbing your attention.

For example if you were trying explain to your audience what a defense attorney does, you can show actual picture of a popular movie scene illustration what he does on a day to day. So this way, you are not leaving it up to the audience to come up with thier own perception of what one does because to everyone that visual imager can be different. It also doesn’t matter how articulate a person is because a picture will always trump words.

We are all visual creatures and that is why a picture is worth a thousand words. So hopefully my experience and message will help you to not just be a better presenter but more importantly to challenge the status quo. Today everyones do things the same way and its up to us to have the courage and do things our own way. If you are still on the fence of whether I am saying is true or not, then  I will leave you a video to watch below to prove my case. Thanks for tuning in.