Hello everyone and welcome to Aly Aj. My friends and readers call me Aly but my real name is Aneyco. My mother named me after my great grandfather is who was a well know activist in his hometown. If you are here for the first time, I know you will appreciate my posts because they are transparent because I am all about telling you how it is. In a world where we are all too busy and distracted by all the things that go on, we don’t have time to reading another blog filled with a bunch of bullsh**. Im am here to bring you the first “NO BS BLOG.” I want to share with everyone the things and events that I experience on a daily basis. If  I can help stop someone from making the same mistake I did and all I had to do was write a post filled with lots of value and share it with the world, then I know that I did my job as a person and blogger. I make mistakes too, so if you have some advice to share with me, please comment below.